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Soft luggage rear rack

112A-05-00B In Stock

Price: 94.05 EUR (RRP): 99.00 EUR

BUMOT Soft  Luggage rear rack is constructed from two laser cut pieces - first one is stainless steel and the other one aluminum
The cutouts are shaped to accommodate a wide variety of straps and hooks to secure whatever luggage or larger items you need to carry. Each cutout and all edges are machined to eliminate wear on straps even on longer rides.

 The Luggage Rack is pre-drilled for easy integration with Rotopax mounts so you can carry fuel and water packs.

 Installation is quick and easy with the included hardware. Available in black  finish.
  •Laser cut from 4mm  aluminum
 •Specially shaped cutouts accommodate a wide variety of hooks and straps
 •All cutouts and edges have a rounded profile
 •Available in  black

Made for the BRAVE !