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Pannier system

132E-06 In Stock

Price: 949.05 EUR (RRP): 999.00 EUR
Complete and ready to install - the system contains the following:

- Set of panniers - either 2 x 45 Ltr or 42x40Ltr or 2x35Ltr
- Set of Pannier Frames

- Optional - 2 x Integrated Locking Toolbox
- Optional - Rear rack incl. top case specific mounting plate
· Optional - Top case

Features of the new Defender EVO system include:
. 2 mm aluminium
. Completely welded floor (bottom)
· Stainless steel quick release mechanism that allows the case to be removed or installed on the rack in seconds
· Low profile polyamide nylon lid strap brackets (tested to 200 pounds each) for better pillion comfort and less square edges if the bike goes over
· A smooth powder coat finish out and inside

The new DEFENDER EVO BUMOT system includes the pannier rack, Left and Right pannier, pre-installed pannier mounts, pre-installed locks, and all hardware required to mount to the bike.

Three options for pannier systems:

2 x 35L – Width 88 cm
2 x 40L– Width 94 cm
2 x 45L - Width 100 cm

Made for the Brave!