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DEFENDER Panniers system

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Price: 893.00 EUR (RRP): 940.00 EUR

Complete and ready to install - the system contains the following:

- Set of panniers - either 40/36Ltr ,35/31Ltr or 45/41Ltr
- Set of Pannier Frames

- Optional - Top box 41L or Top box 25L incl. top mounting plate 

- Optional- Integrated Locking Toolbox

 If there's any downside, you'll need to make the decision between extended range of the
 Camel tank or the utility of the rack-mounted toolbox, depending on what will best suit your requirements
Camel Tank adds 6 litres (1.5 gal) of fuel to your capacity

The new Defender series of luggage from BUMOT is designed to be the best available to the adventure touring rider. BUMOT luggage is handcrafted in Bulgaria and has quickly become one of the most talked about names in ADV luggage systems. Starting with 2mm aluminum, BUMOT's unique assembly process employs a technique used in the sports car and airline industry to double the bottom edges of the box from 2mm to 4mm. This give the panniers added strength in the most vulnerable bottom edges, as this area takes the brunt of an impact in the event of a drop or fall. The cases are powder coated inside and out in your choice of silver, gray, or black, and are finished with stainless steel latches with keyed locks (included), zinc passivated friction hinges, and heavy duty weather stripping for waterproofness. Additional features of the new Defender system include:

· Stainless steel quick release mechanism that allows the case to be removed or installed on the rack in seconds
· Low profile polyamide nylon lid strap brackets (tested to 200 pounds each) for better pillion comfort and less square edges if the bike goes over
· 3M reflective logo decals for safety
· A new smooth powder coat finish

The DEFENDER BUMOT system includes the pannier rack, Left and Right pannier, pre-installed pannier mounts, pre-installed locks, and all hardware required to mount to the bike.

Two options for pannier systems:
· 35L / 31L – Width 91 cm
· 40L / 36L – Width 97 cm
· 45L / 41L – Width 103 cm

Numerous options are available to complete your system, including a 4.5L locking toolbox that mounts to the pannier racks, pannier inner bags, top cases and mounts, and more.

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