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    Daniel & Sara

    80,000-Kilometer Update of Bumot Luggage System

    We are approaching another journey milestone and it is time for an update. In the last twenty months of our nearly four year journey; riding with Bumot panniers and racks has taken us to Iceland, Nord Kapp, Albania, Ukraine and nearly everything in between. We thought it was a good time to check-in with our experience using the Bumot luggage system. After sixty countries and nearly 190,000 kilometers on our global journey we have seen gear that just doesn’t work. This is simply not the case with Bumot. Their racks and panniers have performed flawlessly, even after being badly abused off-road, with several hard falls, and a crash with a fuel truck. Our Bumot panniers continue to be waterproof and secure. To know that our personal items are not in danger of being wet at the end of the day even in the heaviest rains is invaluable. The pannier’s lid design, its large gasket and the aircraft inspired construction of the bottom plate provide protection from the elements that is assured. As with our initial review of the system we continue to love the foldout lid that makes a very convenient workspace. In our quest to ride nearly one hundred countries around the globe only products that perform can stay on our bikes and our Bumot Luggage systems are here to stay. Well done Bumot and thanks for making such great products.

    Best regards from the road,

    Daniel & Sara