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    XTREMADAs Soft Panniers

    BUMOT is the only universal panniers system on the market which allow to go whatever your adventure requires - by Defender hard or Soft panniers on the same pannier frames without any additional modification on the frames !

    XTREMADAs fit  any BUMOT frames!

    No need any extra parts !

    The capacity of XTREMADAs Soft panniers is 74 liter – 35L and 31L notched one plus every pannier has two pockets each is 2 liter!

    The new XTREMADA Soft Panniers are made of two layers - 1100 denier Cordura by Dupon swen over vinyl 650 grams .

    On the outside of soft pannier there is reinforcement 3rd layer of Cordura plus plastic plate which guarantee better abrasion resistant.

    The attachment to the pannier frame is the same as BUMOT previous series panniers –by 4mm aluminum plate.

    The strap system can also be used to secure a multitude of other items on the top soft pannier.

    Dry-bag inserts feature a roll top closure that is secured with buckles -- fully isolating the contents from the elements, and allowing easy opening and closing.

    Reflective 3M strips on either side of the bags improve visibility and safety in low-light and nighttime riding conditions.

    Balanced soft pannier system!

    Made for the Brave ...